Monday, November 28, 2005

Bloggy, make a wish

I've received no cards in the mail, but there's still time to send gift cards if you want. That's right, it's my blog's birthday! Just one year ago today I was lamenting the weather, observing panic over impending finals, and generally wasting time. Hmph. But the blog has grown up. Where I once used to just post about arcane items like musical interests or law school happenings, now I post about those arcane items with pictures.


Anonymous said...

There are times when I think you couldn't get any nerdier, and then you post something else, that redefines "nerd"

- Cathy

Lawyerlike said...

Wait till you see next year's posts.

Anonymous said...

I am the worst and least consistent of your readers, but huzzah on finishing one year of blogging - it grows on you after a while!


Anonymous said...

When you are done with your cupcake, can I have it? I f*#ckin' love cupcakes.

- M

Anonymous said...

I would have saved your five day fog watch series for this auspicious occasion. Can a blog truly 'jump the shark'?


p.s I notice I am conspiciously absent from your Blogs des Amis list. This pains me to great lengths.