Wednesday, November 30, 2005

12,498 minutes for roughing

Here's a brief look into the nature and madness of my studying:

For Corporations law, I've condensed 63 pages of course notes into 3 pages of fact boxes. Condensed much in the same way those prank snake cans are made, so that when I sit down the exam and open them up, my understanding will fly everywhere and I'll be left frightened at the result.

For Secured Transactions, what started out as a simple flowchart has become a logjam of intersecting arrows and roundabout logic. Rather than being a steady stream of understanding, it's a babbling brook of incoherence.

For Advanced Criminal Procedure, I'm not sure yet. Short of committing every crime in the Criminal Code and observing the progress of my cases, I'm not sure what the best method is here.

Oh how I long to start the holidays. My fratellos have indicated to me that for my arrival home the Playstation will be modified so as to let all three of us simultaneously play some hockey. I have a feeling one line of forwards will be a leader in penalty minutes this holiday season.


Anonymous said...

Does the insanity plea work for law school exams? You can show them your Secured Transactions flowchart.


Anonymous said...

RYAN, CGY (14-2-0-0) almost lost their last game to VAN (10-3-0-0) when Jovanovski scored two early goals. They were on fire, but luckily, I was able to CHECK the competition out of the building...if you get my drift ;)

Peace, and be with Jesus.