Tuesday, October 11, 2005


When Nick Park, the creator of the coolest animated figures of all time, watched his creations burn to the ground in a fiery blaze only days after a catastrophic earthquake, you had to admire his ability to put things in perspective.

But that doesn't exactly give you a license to make further light of it in an article with the cruellest headline. Evar. (This is, of course, from the network that comedian Lewis Black called "the only channel that tells you how to pronounce its name.")

I guess I write about Wallace and Gromit because I'm really dyin' to see their new film. There's something so quintessentially British about the pair of them. You've gotta love a guy whose solution to every problem is: "why don't we have a hot coop o' tea?"

Oh yeah, it's Tuesday, did you buy your copy of the most important purchase you will make all year? I hope so.

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