Sunday, October 09, 2005

Has it got you?

Watching Arcade Fire isn't so much enjoying a concert as it is watching performance art being created. Among the pluses: a stage setup including several household lamps, the utter destruction of a terrible acoustic guitar, and a band who ends their set by marching into the crowd and continuing to play to a stunned audience. Just awesome.

I wasn't so impressed with the opening band, where Wolf Parade tried to answer that eternal question, how can one suck and blow at the same time?

Holiday weekend post, so I'll end it early with another entry in this blog's famous collection of completely bizarre NFL commentary quotes:

"As Gloria Estefan said, 'the rhythm is going to get you,' and this quarterback has found his rhythm."

Anyone see that Vancouver/Edmonton NHL game where they were showing the famous hockey episode of the Simpsons on the screens? That's gotta be my favorite episode.

Happy Thanksgiving folks.


Anonymous said...

So, were there any tea kettles?


Lawyerlike said...

No kettles, but there were motorcycle helmets - oh the limitless percussive capacity of a motorcycle helmet. said...

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