Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I know I do

I've never listened to a podcast, figuring they really couldn't be that entertaining, until I found one by (the source of my much decried musical obsession) Ryan Adams. The segment is a "recording" of a phone conversation between Adams and two producers who are clearly confused at the singer's recent musical efforts. Any fans of Spinal Tap will want to listen to this. (I'm typing at you W___ and S___.)

One segment has Ryan "arguing" with his producers on the merits of a new album (one of "six or seven" he plans to release this year) he calls Helicopter Soup.

There's no way "Let's Get Metaphysical" is a single.

Why, is it a copyright thing?

No it just sucks.

Then he goes on to explain how his name may be overexposed, and that a much more suitable moniker would be Mechroboticon. Say what you will about his lack of coolness, the dude is hilarious.

Oh, and my aforementioned car troubles? Apparently, they were afore-invented. At least that's the diagnosis of the technician who took my car for a spin and announced: "there's absolutely nothing I can fault about this car, and the woman you seek has been dead ten years." Ok I made that last part up.

Don't you just love driving across an entire city to be told that you're stupid?


hilary said...

Oh well, I guess being told you're stupid is better than being told it will cost $2000, which is what always seems to happen when we take our car in.

Good luck on any interviews you have this next week!

Anonymous said...

W&G was incredible. Make sure you don't skip it.