Saturday, September 24, 2005

Worst play-action fake ever

I've found myself watching a fair bit of TV lately. And now I find myself blogging about it:

Everybody Hates Chris is hilarious. Not Arrested Development "taste my sadness" hilarious, but still better than most other comedies. The kid who plays young Chris is quite a good actor, and he's no funnier than in the fight scene of the series' pilot.

Updated: Watch the whole thing online. For, like, free.

I like the ongoing ruse on this Guatemala edition of Survivor, where ex-NFL star Gary Hogeboom is trying to hide his identity for fear of getting kicked off. I like it because Gary is easily the worst liar in Central America:

Hey Gary, is it true that fifteen years ago you played in the NFL as a professional quarterback?


[Gary walks away]

I don't know when The O.C. stopped being funny and became so cloyingly melodramatic, I just know that I don't like it. But I did like in last week's episode how B.R.M.C.'s "Salvation" became the official theme song for farewell beach sex/vicious debt collector reprisal.

The Amazing Race: Family Edition starts this week, and if the current promos that show parents dashing off the starting line in complete ignorance of their younger, slower, considerably more tramplable children is any indication - then family time just got more interesting. Remember, root for the Dennis Hopper look-a-like clan, they're my ticket to moola.

And it's not on in North America yet, but Ricky Gervais' Extras is quality comedy. To tide you over, watch Ricky on the Daily Show, where he devotes a lot of time admiring the name Bucky Gunts.


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Anonymous said...

I heard sad tastes a lot like happy?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the OC blows. Evil hall monitor? Ooh scary.