Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Consider my timbers shivered

It's one thing to learn in Tax class the number of ways people try and escape tax liability, it's another thing to have your provincial government arrange it for you. I love Vancouver's coastal setting, but I really loves my Alberta oil riches.

With the influx of tax-free $400 from a "prosperity bonus" coming my way, the question is how to spend it. The economics student inside of me points out that I have a crushing law school debt, and I would be wise to put it towards that most shining gift of all - education. But the less lame student of reality inside of me says spend, spend, spend!

I can vividly recall my first major purchase as a young child. (And no, it was not Hootie.) I saved up $120 for the massive "Barracuda Pirate Ship" from Lego, at that point in time being in the full swing of my pirate phase. Sure, investing that money in a 20 year treasury bond may have made me a lot better off now, but the rate of return on childhood whimsy is, you know, immeasurable.... damn I could use that money.

Anyway, I gather the ship is not sold anymore, which is a true shame. Instead, they give children this watered-down excuse for a pirate ship.

Anyone recall their first major purchase?

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hilary said...

i loved lego! i played with it regularly even at the age of 12 and 13, which is kind of weird. but i loved my lego hospital: http://www.brickset.com/search.aspx?Set=6380-1
we had a whole piece of furniture built just for separating out the various lego bits by colour, size and shape - my mother was disturbingly organised.