Sunday, September 18, 2005

39 Licks and 1 Sucks

I like tense courtroom dramas as much as the next filmgoer, but I've never sat through the self-knowing absurdity of a James Bond film and silently wished, "I enjoyed that villain's violent dispatching, but I'd really like to see him get some black-letter justice in a court of law!"

After doing my assigned reading regarding the reliability of direct witness testimony from Evidence class, I decided that maybe that's because I'm not a Supreme Court Justice. From R. v. Nikolovski (1996), 141 DLR (3d) 647 (SCC):

"It cannot be forgotten that a robbery can be a terrifyingly traumatic event for the victim and witnesses. Not every witness can have the fictional James Bond's cool and unflinching ability to act and observe in the face of flying bullets and flashing knives. Even Bond might have difficulty accurately describing his would-be assassin. He certainly might earnestly desire his attacker's conviction and be biased in that direction."

Something tells me Bond might not have the same mystique if he delivered his catchphrases from the witness box.

I bought the latest Rolling Stones album the other day, (love "Rough Justice" and "Rain Fall Down") but almost as important, it marks the first time I haven't absolutely hated a song where Keith Richards sings: "Infamy," the final track. Alright, "Happy" from Exile on Main Street isn't so bad, but I'd still like it more if Mick sang. And recall that last track off 40 Licks where old Keef sings, "Losing My Touch?" I think that's the first documented evidence that Keith actually died at one point in time.

I'm making my way through this new Ryan Adams album, Jacksonville City Nights, which is absolutely, unabashedly country (in case the geographical hinting of the title didn't clue you in already.) Don't let that turn you off Adams, but but instead let this photo do that. It's Adams in his Jack White does Bob Dylan does Vincent Price phase.

Finally, do you value your time? Then don't play this game at all. Just don't even click. I'm doing you a favour.

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c said...

OMG that is a good call on the ryan photo. and props not just for buying the stones album, but admitting it, too. peace