Thursday, September 15, 2005

With George Lazenby to follow

That last post was pretty heavy on the law, and it's not even December exam season yet. So here's a Gawker-esque collection of news and links you wouldn't care about were it not for a witty slugline:

Nintendo revealed their brand new game controller, which is just the perfect shape and size to get lost in the couch. I understand by such a bold product design, the company is trying to shed their image as the console with the least exciting gaming choices, but with this quote from the article, I suspect they may need to try harder:

"Imagine a game that simulates the fly fishing experience... using the Revolution's controller, you'll actually mimic casting a fly rod."

RS wrote an article about how Jack Johnson has achieved success in spite of the relentlessly scathing reviews the magazine writes. And by that logic, with their latest album (which I like) the Dandy Warhols shall now become enduring American icons. Ouch.

Upcoming concert dilemma: Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene or My Morning Jacket? I have a feeling that MMJ will be the best value, as the other two are likely part of the late-born, absurd economic rationale that deems indie = pricey.

However, I will acknowledge that Arcade Fire are the only ones touring with a band worthy of this lofty - and utterly hilarious - distinction:

"We've had Led Zeppelin, Guns n' Roses, the Sex Pistols all party on this boat, but we've never had to kick anyone off. And now I am kicking you off."

Sure, The Goblet of Fire looks cool, but I'd still like to see Roger Moore take a kick at the franchise.

And for good measure, one for the McSweeney's classic canon: Strategic Attempts to Deflect Attention by the Most Obvioulsy Overweight Member of the Donner Party.


Anonymous said...

I would go to Arcade Fire, but only because I'm curious as to whether or not someone actually puts the kettles on for the live performances.

- Cathy

Lawyerlike said...

I'll let you know how the kettle situation plays out.