Wednesday, September 14, 2005

V is not for Vendetta

May I begin by saying that I am, unequivocally, the greatest blogger in the long, storied history of the blogosphere.

We've progressed far enough into second year law classes that I'm starting to figure out which ones are my favorite. So far I'm a fan of this Secured Transactions business. It's basically comprised of every bit of financial terminology that makes the average person cringe. The course could more accurately be titled, So, you know that small print that you see at the bottom of every car commercial? That's what this is.

But so far my philosophy in law school so far has been to acknowledge that every subject is quite fearful, and the best you can hope is to master the subject - and instill that fear into others. Thus, that's what I'm doing with Secured Trans (as the cool kids call it).

[Legal note: the aforementioned "kids," herein known as "law students," are in no way "cool," "trendy," "with it," or in any way whatsoever "fly," and any future mention of law students being such shall be of no effect in all applicable jurisdictions.] (See what I've just done here? Not cool.)

Anyway. The whole process of making myself like a subject reminds me of my former undergraduate roommate, V____, who, because she hated olives so much, forced herself to eat a few every day until she didn't hate them any more. So it's the same with Secured Transactions.

It makes me want to drink a martini.

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catherine said...

I managed quite successfully to transform my dislike for olives (I couldn't swallow them) to a love affair with them (shown by my inability to stop eating them straight from the jar). My friend's theory was that if I could cross the "olive threshold" (which he determined to be 30 olives), I would be hooked. That said, Secured Trans!?! I'd rather learn how to eat olives all over again.