Sunday, September 11, 2005

Interstate 5 is no Yellow Brick Road

Lawyerlike: post-Seattle Edition. Made the drive down to the Emerald City with my favorite passenger yesterday, and discovered a faint sense of deja vu - I think the city planners for Vancouver left their schematics in the photocopy machine. I have an easier time finding six differences between panels of Slylock Fox.

I was, however, amazed by the parking rates for Downtown Seattle. 5 bucks for the day!? In Calgary that same spot would cost you at least... yup, a barrel of oil.

Took a walk around the Pike Place Market, and while I wasn't struck by any volleyed fish, I did catch this snapper:

"Hey, look, it's the original Starbucks. Now where's the final one?"

Who says Americans don't have the capacity for wit.

Law Revue is off to a promising start after nearly fifty people signed up at Clubs Day this past week. Hmm, that may just be enough actors to pull of a full-cast, law-themed, musical production of Les Miserables. Or not.


AM said...

Did you see Gehry's Experience Music Project Building? Don't think you can miss it. People say it's hideous...but I dig his stuff.

Lawyerlike said...

Saw it from atop the Space Needle. Looks like somebody put their blueprints in the microwave and set to melt. Very cool. I'll have to save actually going into it for the next trip.

Thomas said...

Arcade Fire? Aaaaaaaarcade Fire?