Tuesday, September 06, 2005

0.1 km to another Starbucks

Been blogless for a while, but that should end, as law school part two (the second in a trilogy, missing a genuine introduction or denouement, but including the spectacular Battle of Helms Deep) has officially begun. So much to say, so I'll give some observations of the intervening period:

The drive from my door in Calgary to my door in Vancouver is precisely 999.9 kilometres.

In the film Red Eye, keep an eye out for Colby from Survivor: Australia, who doesn't portray a senatorial security guard so much as portray Colby trying to portray a senatorial security guard.

Making my way through Bleak House, I'm struck by the notion that Dickens really loved his orphans, as well as portentous portraits hung on walls.

I finally saw The Firm, (I know, I know.) Two frightening observations: one, the interview process and articling work shown is eerily familiar, and two: Wilford Brimley!

Bob Dylan's new live CD, performed 33 years ago, is unlike any other, as you can actually hear waitresses clearing plates in what sounds like an empty cafe. Check out Moonshiner and Barbara Allen, up there with the best of them.

When I saw U2, I didn't know an audience could go so nuts for a band - until I saw Pearl Jam play GM Place.

Despite being a blight on my Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Evidence is shaping up to be an amazing class, and putting me one step closer to annoyingly - but correctly - yelling "hearsay" to everything my friends say I disagree with.

The surprise you feel when you receive a gigantic Taxation textbook free begins to fade when you realize the similarly large local phone book is also free, and eminently more useful.

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Anonymous said...

You wouldn't have...say...an illegal Ipod recording of any of this so called 'concert' do you?