Sunday, August 14, 2005

"He's thinking about bees again"

I'm officially excited for second year law school. It's only two weeks until I make the tune-filled drive back to the "left" coast (as everyone in Alberta insists on calling it - har har). I've got a very decent spate of classes, and an accomodating enough schedule.

Fellow director K___ and I have come up with a marketing campaign for this year's Law Revue, which we intend to roll out early in the fall and create some buzz. Bzzz! Again, for anyone interested in submitting scripts or acting, fire off an email to ubclawrevue at gmail dot com. We'll take anything, but historical studies have shown that when audiences purchase tickets for a comedy show, there is some expectation of laughter - just a guideline.

Being part of last year's production was amongst the highlights of my first year, and my plan is to take last year's videotaping of the event one step further and create a DVD. Maybe this is just to satisfy my late-born desire to one day preside over a director's commentary, but maybe not, and maybe students will enjoy it. Anyway, a lot of planning will be going into this year's show, so here's hoping it's a good one.

Hmmm, a bit light on the links this time round - I guess that's what happens when you blog about arcane legal minutiae.

Well I found this floating around - check out the latest music video from Bright Eyes, "Easy/Lucky/Free."

It's sort of an update of Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues," only without the luxury of pre-written signs. I suppose the two artists have been mentioned together so many times it was only inevitable before it was done in music video form.

Is it just me, or are the most memorable music videos the ones with noticeably thin budgets?


Thomas said...

I'm having that feeling I get whenever I write something, and that feeling is - this shit is really not funny.

Anonymous said...

Did you find some sort of Ipod car connector over the summer?

Don't settle for FM!

Nachoes at Limericks, check yo email.