Monday, August 08, 2005

Find the minority report

W__ alerted me to this great website, which catalogues the worst movie pitches made to someone in the movie business. Knowing my predilection for the undead, I was shown this hilarious entry:

"1968. Vietnam. Navy SEAL Gabriel Hemloche leads his team deep into enemy territory. Gabriel and his unit are torn apart... by vampires. Bitten, Gabriel starts to change..."

Something tells me Ron Livingston's agent character from Adaptation would love this.

I haven't read Everything is Illuminated, the first novel by Johnathan Safran-Foer (but I did enjoy his second) because I heard it was cloyingly autobiographical, much in the same way Dave Eggers' H.W.O.S.G. is. But the new trailer, starring a Sam-less Elijah Wood, looks pretty good.

I don't know if news of the oil spill south of Edmonton has travelled cross-country, but it's a nasty mess, and CBC featured a "legal analyst" to discuss the inevitable smorgastort. He described it as textbook "nuisance" and "quite possibly negligence" and it was then I saw the glimmer in his eye, where I knew he wished to invoke - yes, my legal chums, say it with me - Rylands v. Fletcher!

Naturally he held back, not wishing to confuse CBC's viewers, much like I have confused the majority of this site's readers. (That's the two out of three of you.)


Thomas said...

R. v. F. 4 life, yo!

I went to the school today, and there was James Pinto...playing foosball. It was like I'd never left. We rustled up Daniel and Hari for a little tourney.

Got the new DCFC? Just a webrip, but sounding nice.

Speaking of pitches...did you get my law revue idea?

And read Everything is Illuminated. As for Eggers - don't blaspheme.

Lawyerlike said...

I'm a fan of the Death Cab, but I do get a little deja vu from some of the songs.

And I like Eggers - Y.S.K.O.V. was excellent!

Anonymous said...

Read "Everything is Illuminated"'s good and quick, and I really enjoyed it...enough to pass it on to a couple people this summer!