Sunday, August 07, 2005

Suck on that, Albany!

I had been biding my time until Canadian songwriter extraordinaire Joel Plaskett mentioned my fair Albertan town in a song, already having written tunes about Halifax, Regina, Edmonton, and a vicious little ditty about Kelowna ("There's a reason that I hate that town.")

But then comes along O.C. favorites Death Cab for Cutie with the song "I Will Follow You into the Dark" off their new album and this lyric:

"You and me / have seen everything to see / from Bangkok to Calgary"

I know there aren't many cities that would complete Gibbard's rhyme, but it's nice to know he finds Cowtown exotic enough to put in a song. I was lucky to see this band last November, but they just happen to be playing Vancouver the night before I go to Franz Ferdinand at the Orpheum in October. How's that for a damn good concert run?

I found some website that collects headlines about various law schools around the United States, but what's funny is that almost all of the headlines are rather negative, or entirely scandalous. Here's a few:

"Law school sued by its students"
"Law school founder pleads guilty"
"Bar exam answers stolen"
"Cyclist, attacked by law prof, testifies"

And my favorite:
"Law school grad who failed California bar exam sues ABA, California Bar, seeking $43 million."

I'm not sure if that latter sum is the aggregate earnings of an American lawyer or an example of exaggerated punitive damages. C'mon aggregate sum! (And damn! How fast can that Law professor run?)

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