Monday, August 15, 2005

No shoot-outs here

This is the first blog on the new comp. I won't start renouncing all things PC or anything, but I will say these new widget functions are pretty awesome. My favorite so far is this Tabit! widget, which instantly displays any guitar tab you're looking for. It's a much needed time saver, as man was not meant to hold a guitar and wield a mouse simultaneously.

Anyone else been watching CBC just to see what bizarro news anchors they throw at us? I notice they've replaced the National broadcast with BBC news. I say we strike from the Commonwealth for a while and show other countries' newscasts just for kicks. Chilean news hasn't been shown any love for a while.

I guess I'm not so mad that I missed the Ryan Adams show in Vancouver, because it sounds like dude had a meltdown, causing him to cancel the rest of the tour. RS has a transcript of some of his tirades, which are actually pretty funny.

The good news is that Adams is contributing a song to the new Cameron Crowe film (always a guarantee for a good soundtrack). But what was supposed to be a recording session for one song turned into 18, meaning there should be a fourth Adams album coming within the span of a year. (For those of you who still don't understand why I write about Adams so much, go buy Cold Roses.)

Another band that's actually appearing in the Crowe film (apparently as a Skynyrd tribute band) is My Morning Jacket, who have revealed the awesome news that they'll be playing in Vancouver. That makes the running score of amazing concerts between my post-secondary residences: Vancouver 7, Kingston, negligible. Unless you count the Pirates of Penzance. And I don't expect that you should.


Anonymous said...

You better hope Peter Elkas or Joel Plaskett don't read your blog. Good concerts in Kingston negligible? Pfft.


Anonymous said...


Lawyerlike said...

Well, since I saw Plaskett & Elkas in Vancouver, I can substitute out the Kingston show... although that is the one immortalized in his song - "last night on the tour / we burned the place to the ground"

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