Sunday, June 26, 2005

May the torts be with you

Just under halfway through the summer and I can already feel things ramping up towards the next year of law. In the coming week, I'll be putting together some cover letters and a new-fangled resume by which to dazzle my prospective employers. In addition, I'll be helping compile some orientation information for first year law students. Lastly, I'm going to get to work early on next year's Law Revue.

The big question for second year law: is this the year that we, as law students, turn evil? At times, I feel the inexorable pull like a young Anakin Skylawyer, if you will, to this "dark side" of billable hours and shameless litigation. (I'm not particularly ashamed of this otherwise dated Star Wars reference, because they're all the rage again.)

Thankfully, the schedule I've worked up isn't too focused on any one area of law, and to boot I'll have fridays off. That leaves me plenty of time on the weekends for non-law pursuits, such as my screenplay and my music. I recently bought a harmonica, so I'm trying to get some decent noises out of it. I've been using three songs as sort of a reference, Ryan Adams' "Desire," Bob Dylan's "4th Time Around" and the Shins' "Pink Bullets." Of course, I just nabbed this new B.R.M.C. album, and it's a veritable acoustic guitar/harmonica goldmine! Highly recommended for anyone needing a particularly Dylanic or Cash-esque sounding album.

Also, any UBCers looking to get involved in next year's Law Revue drop me a line. I'll make sure you get embarrassed good.

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Anonymous said...

Isn´t it weird how you were asking when law students turn evil, and then immediately mention that you had bought a harmonica?


Just thought I´d point that out.


p.s Friday´s off! Rockout with yo´jockout!