Friday, June 24, 2005

Irish zombies? Well that's easy

Decisions to make:

Indulge my affection for all things zombie, and see Romero's Land of the Dead this weekend? Or, respect my aversion to all things Leguizamo and simply tend to my season 1 24 DVD? I guess the deciding factor is that the flick features a cameo from two of the funniest Brits around (after David and Gareth of course), men no stranger to the art of the undead. (But of course, Ryan, the answer is always zombies!)

After just finishing Malcolm Gladwell's Blink (an author who, by the way, out-music-geeked me - who the hell is this Kenna dude that he spends a whole chapter on?) I'm now deciding between poor Roddy Doyle, who has been shuffled down my reading pile since Christmas, or this Edward P. Jones book The Known World I'm eager to get to. Hmm, a book about slavery later in the summer could be a good lead-in to my fall human rights class, so I'll opt for skull-cracking Irish immigrants for now.

Now on to enjoy the weekend. I'll leave you with this, representing the confluence of my love for Spinal Tap and hilarious Oasis interviews.

(Et pour la personne qui ecrit en francais au dessous, keep 'em coming! Or you, mi amigo abogado, escriba algo en espanol!)


ab said...

another beauty from today...

Anonymous said...

look at this i read your blog today!!!

well actually i scanned thru to see where these batman glasses were....yeah not the sexiest glasses i have seen but hey maybe they look different on :)

seriosuly i can't remember the last time i saw a zombie movie...there was that old one you always tried to get me to see..I dunno zombies just don't od it for me

the evil penguins however are quite possible the coolest new cartoons for the summer!

Get a tan for me this weekend,


hilary said...

Oooh the Known World is really good. I was thinking it was a sort of an I'll-read-it-because-I-should; it won a prize, it's about social issues. But it's really compelling.