Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Thus making England Dagobagh

The Property beast is slain. Let us never speak of it again. I just hope it's not pulling one of those famous false crisis/false dawn acts common to movie screen villains.

Anyway, one exam left, but I'm going to take a much needed break from even thinking about tests for now. On that note, a lot of new music has found it's way onto my computer lately (completely legitimately, of course) worth mentioning.

This new White Stripes song "Blue Orchid" is pretty good - Jack is definitely turned up to eleven on that one. I hear word that this new album, Get Behind Me Satan, is supposed to be better than Elephant. That's a mighty claim, as that album was full of ass-kickery. Anyway, it's times like this when I miss my electric guitar gathering dust back in Calgary, so I can pick it up and do bad approximations of Stripes songs. Patience, Ruby, I'm home soon.

From across the pond, this new Gorillaz album, Demon Days, is actually quite good. By all accounts their little cartoon gimmick should have been tired by now, but somehow it works. The album really sounds a lot like the last Blur album, the excellent Think Tank, only with a lot more bass and Funky Homosapiens. Highlights are "DARE" and "Dirty Harry," proving that although sequels in the film world rarely work, in music they're not so cursed.

As for another British band, I have less faith in Oasis' upcoming album. The band has been stuck in a rut lately, that kind where you suck musically. Still consistent, however, are Noel Gallagher's precious rantings. I recall a few years back when he said that all music reviews were such airy, fairy concoctions that the screenwriters of the Lord of the Rings films did nothing more than paste several of them together. (Yes, that's dumb for several obvious reasons.) Well just recently, in keeping with his classic cinematic mixed metaphors, he compared the United States to the Death Star.

And I suppose destroying that star would cause some sort of champagne supernova? Nice try Noel, I'm not walking into that one.


Anonymous said...

Come home Ryan!!! We miss you! I can't wait until you get here! Talk to you soon & good luck on your last exam!

Cheers, Allison
PS Louis XIV kicks ass I am so glad I went to that show

Anonymous said...


Eat it!


p.s Oh yeah, looking forward to seeing you soon!

Anonymous said...

Ryan failed to devote enough time to the exam today. Specifically, he forgot to mention how he was swearing like a mofo. No joke, he dropped the F-bomb like ten times! Just thought you all deserved to know the truth.

I tried to tell him to relax, but he just glared at me and mumbled something like "I'll mess you up and cut your old lady...". Whatever that means.


Lawyerlike said...

For the record, I DID devote plenty of time to it, and schooled that exam accordingly.

But yes, I concede Mike, I will ****ing cut you **** **** ****.

Anonymous said...

Keep your eye peeled in upcoming Q magazines. I'm going to take a picture of myself reading Q in front of St. Basil's in Red Square...I'm SOOOOO going to be in Q!