Thursday, April 21, 2005

Say it ain't soeth

I recommend that when studying for a Legal Institutions exam you don't have your TV tuned to Question Period from the House of Commons. Reading about the functionality of the legislative and executive branches of the country seems to take on an unintended ironic twist in light of reality. It's like watching the pointless bickering of the Apprentice's boardroom scenes, only without the ability to see someone get fired. (Hair quality? About the same.)

CBC is also asking people what they want to hear from Paul Martin when he takes to the airwaves tonight (mercifully not during The O.C.) I'm expecting the man to weigh in on such heavy matters as, what is Julie Cooper going to do with that gun? Is Caleb in danger? And what songs will Death Cab play when they take the stage at the Bait Shop? (I predict something off of The Photo Album.) Sponsorship scandal? The real scandal, fellow Canadians, is Ryan toying with Marissa's heart so!

Alright, enough talk of oversexed teens. Check out Rolling Stone's latest interview with Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, and perhaps the most embarrassing headline of the magazine's history. Also notable, Rivers and I apparently wrote a similar essay about Angelo from Shakespeare's Measure for Measure for our English classes. Methinks plagiarism's afoot!

Post O.C. Update: 3 DC4C songs, only 1 from Photo Album. My bad. But I do love how Bloc Party was the choice of the evil party DJ.

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Anonymous said...

Were you not supposed to be studying last night? Magazine interviews? Bad teenage melo-dramas? Kudos on the procrastination.