Monday, December 06, 2004

Fiat banum, ruat coelum

Not much for this post, as tomorrow begins the battle royale that is first year exams. Legal Institutions is up first, (political science masquerading as a law subject), followed by Property (are you aware how easy it is to defraud the land title system?), next comes Torts (see below), then Contracts (eh, I got nothin' against contracts) and lastly Criminal (wow, they even thought of murder in space!). One week it's all over.

Just want to wish good luck to all in Bane, the rootin' tootin-est first year law small group around! Seriously, lame adjectives aside, best of luck folks.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck man. Not that you'll need it... but if you don't, is this a contract? Can I have that luck back?
  - David