Sunday, December 05, 2004

Next stop, Hell is Chrome

Watched the 60 minutes interview with our man Dylan tonight. I hope I'm that cool when I'm 63, though I can't say I'll aspire to the leather pants. Really Bob, leather pants? Of course Ed Bradley out-geezered him by wearing that stupid earring. Now, if Andy Rooney had done the interview, that would be a sight to see: crotchety vs. freewheelin'!

I am interested in picking up Dylan's book. I read a few excerpts online and it's certainly got some style. I confess to only discovering Dylan recently, just before his last album. This has me worried.

When I gain interest in a band, it's usually at that point where they begin their steady artistic decline. With REM it was "New Adventures in Hi-Fi," still one of my favorite albums, but since then Mr. Stipe just hasn't been feeling it. With Pearl Jam, same thing. Apres "Yield" it has been none too shining, albeit still interesting. It's like I have some voodoo curse that dooms bands the moment I take a listen. Get back, I'll only hurt you!

Of course, since I jumped on the Wilco and Beck buses, they've only gotten better, so maybe I'm just being paranoid. (You better hope so, Interpol. You better not start sucking.)


Anonymous said...

Huzzah! You've enabled anonymous comments. I obviously didn't see the Dylan interview, but it sounded interesting.

Anyway, I don't have anything really profound to say, except that I can now post here.


Anonymous said...

Oh, trust me, Ryan, you're actually getting Bob on the upswing. There were some dire years there in the mid-eighties. The only thing I can't forgive him for is that horrible moment on 1986's Knocked Out Loaded (otherwise listenable, if you're in the mood for slumming--though the song Brownsville Girl is a masterpiece which comprises a full third of the 36 minute album) when you realize that, yes, that horrible noise on "They Killed Him" is, in fact, a children's choir. Once you've heard "They Killed Him", all worry about artistic decline becomes rather relative. But to be honest, second only to the mid-sixties, I actually think this is the best time ever to be a Bob fan...

I'll get back to you on Chronicles when I read it over Christmas. Oh, and watch Masked and Anonymous!


Anonymous said...

"Apres 'Yield'"? Who are you; Eddie Vedder's mom? Post Ten. Possibly post Track 7 of Ten.