Friday, March 16, 2007

The Battle of Thermopylaw

I consider it a funny coincidence that last night I saw 300 and today witnessed the annual law school trike race. I think I might be forgiven for confusing the two.

As history tells it, the Spartans wedged themselves into a tight rocky passage called the "Hot Gates" in order to use their small numbers as an advantage.

We used a 50 metre stretch of the East Mall outside the law building, but the opportunity for slaughter by waterballoon was still there.

Of course, only one of the events had political undertones and male nudity, two things which, absent, make for better law school events all around.

The natural question is, which warrior do you want as your counsel in court? I might have to give the edge to the Spartans here. Objection! Your! Honour!


Supra said...

300 was a total flesh-feast! Show me a law student with abs like those and I too could battle thousands of other law students for an unpaid internship...oh wait.

Anonymous said...


This is MADNESS!


Lawyerlike said...

I would have thought the obvious quote is:

Tonight, we trike, IN HELL!