Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ides who?

I'm not really sure what happened to February, but March is just one Admin Law class away. (At three hours on a Wednesday night, it's plodding length will make up for the lack of a leap year.) With no presentations or essays due in March, it's likely to be the least stressful month of all three years.

There are, of course, things to look forward to in March:

Law Revue: The show is always a blast. It's the first year I won't be directly involved, meaning I get to sit in the audience for once. Tradition dictates that out of the two nights of performances, one audience will truly respect all of the hard work and respond with applause and laughter - while the second audience will pour forth a torrent of heckling and general antipathy meant to remind performers that they are law students and not drama majors. I'll book the second night.

The Law School Trike Race: this event is my favourite of the year. It's often said that law school doesn't give you a lot of hands-on practical work, (apart from the awesome, average-boosting Appellate Advocacy course) but there's no better opportunity to parse the fine differences between assault and battery than the boozed-up tricycle race. Last year's race also produced this website's best photograph, and a video of said tortious conduct.

Grad Dinner & Dance: maybe the first dress-up affair for law students where landing an interview/career/future isn't on the line. It'll be one of the last big send-offs, so expect a "what happens in Vegas is protected by client-solicitor privilege" type of mentality.

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