Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Your subscription fees just went up

If this blog were a newspaper, you probably wouldn't feel like you were getting a lot for your money. Two sections, Entertainment and Lifestyle, delivered with frustrating infrequency, and the odd Future Shop insert (The Proposition is out on DVD today, go get it!) But at least for today I can add another section, Cuisine, which I've really only done once before.

Of course, this post may only be of interest to those actually living in Vancouver, (as opposed to, say, the universal appeal of a post about a case I read somewheres in some class), but I'm willing to accept that.

Because Primo's Mexican Grille is such an amazing find. It's a quaint restaurante tucked away on 12th avenue in South Granville, and if you're tired of sea-based food (or, "seafood") then it's the perfect place. It's got the kind of atmosphere a lot of restaurants would pay muchos pesos for, and though I can only vouch for las fajitas on the menu, all the choices looked great. It would be easy to attribute this love to my recent immersion in the Tex-Mex novels of Cormac McCarthy, but there's something about the place that makes it an easy recommendation, a certain yo no se cual.

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