Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Insert Ennio Morricone Music

This blog post is like the Old West (which I imagine is almost conveyed in these photos I took) - pretty lawless. It's the subject matter you get being on vacation away from a law-related job and pre-interview anxiety. So I'll just briefly mention a few news items that have interested me:

The next Die Hard film, while completely unnecessary, still managed to pull through with a decent title.

The next Wes Anderson film couples an even better title and a better premise still.

Both Ryan Adams and Emily Haines have new songs available. Some may argue one is unnecessary while the other has a better title.

Also, if anyone goes to see Miami Vice in the near future, please enlighten me as to where Colin Farrell magically produced that grenade from after being frisked down by those drug lords. Yes, inside that mullet is a distinct possibility.


Anonymous said...

I think he retrieved the grenade from the same place they pulled the premise for Miami Vice from.


Thomas said...

The next Wes Anderson film is actually The Fantastic Mr. Fox.