Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Transcripts also required

I head back to Calgary this week for a brief vacation. This Vancouver summer has been great, warm weather, a little rain, but I suppose I really crave the unpredictability of an Albertan summer - August snowfalls, flash flooding, etc.

I'll be visiting friends, hopefully taking in a movie or two, as well as carting some of my things from home back to Vancouver (this includes my squash racquet, meaning M, you are officially challenged to a squashing duel). Hopefully with at least one successful articling interview in less than three weeks, I'll be staying in this town for a few more years at a minimum.

I'll try and post some photos from Cowtown - as so far I've been lucky at getting some great vacation shots already this summer.

Oh, and since registration is finally done, here's the official list of classes for the third and final year:

Securities Regulation, Real Estate Trans, Land Use Planning, Admin, Media & Entertainment Law, Civil Procedure, European Union Law, Trusts, Conflicts and Appellate Advocacy.

I'm taking applications for potential study buddies. Post your cover letter in the comments below.

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