Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Now accepting non-perishable items

A long-weekend roundup, a study in contrasts.

The good: Escaping for a spell to a coastal island of good company, on-demand sunsets, and unsullied sea scents.

The bad: Returning to a different kind of smell. The kind you can't place at first while walking around your apartment. The kind you think you can ignore by opening windows, or thumbing your nose at biology and breathing through your mouth - until you realize the smell has a friend (for the smell is now personified) in the form of erratic clicking. The kind of staccato/stench that can only come from a fridge running with a broken motor, which is to say, no fridge at all, but a repository of rotten food and abandoned plans for chicken curry on Tuesday.

So long General Electric model "Coquette," you gave me some good times and then left me sickened - how apropos your product name was you may never know.


hilary said...

ohmigod, where did you get that frame on your fridge? i have one like that, but i think ikea discontinued them - so sad! how did course reg go?

Lawyerlike said...

That frame is about 3 years old - or about 40 years newer than the fridge.

Courses after round 1:
Conflicts, Securities, Real Estate Trans, Entertainment, Civil Procedure and EU.

Courses for round 2: admin law, international business trans, but I need a replacement for Legal Research. How did that one manage to get filled up?


hilary said...

bummer about legal research - maybe you can get on the waitlist? there's still space in bakan's seminar on corporations if you're looking for something research-ish. there are a few interesting seminars around...

Anonymous said...

I cannot BELIEVE a refrigerator model could be named Coquette--that's like calling a toaster oven the Black and Decker Flirt or a General Electric Tease.