Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thank you, I'm here all night

I'm gone for a much-needed vacation up the coast this weekend, returning just in time to register/curse the university's server on Tuesday morning. After doing some more thinking, I've finalized the list of courses I want for next year, listed below along with the nicknames I'll inevitably know them as. This practice isn't new, first years take "Crim," "Legal I," and it allows me to justify such bad jokes like, "What's a zombie's favourite law course?" (Answer below.)

  • Securities Regulation - "Sek-Reg," which sounds like it should be a TV show starring David Caruso. And I still wouldn't watch it.
  • Conflict of Laws - "Conflix," just as no client likes to be billed unnecessarily, I substitute the 'x' for 'cts' because it's efficient, and because it looks sharp.
  • Civil Procedure - "Civ Pro." Unfortunately, this course was previously titled Civil Litigation, meaning now I can't add to the list of Lit courses I've taken over the years: Brit Lit, Vic Lit, Romantic Lit etc.
  • Media & Entertainment Law - "Hollywood." A new addition to my list, where you learn about such things as entertainment contacts, marketing and drafting celebrities' prenuptial agreements.
  • And the rest: European Union Law - "Euro," Real Estate Transactions - "Re/Max," International Business Transactions - "IHOP" (because IBT is no fun), Advanced Legal Research - "Library fun," Administrative Law - "Admin fun."
Ah yes, that hilarious joke:

A: "Corps!"


Anonymous said...

have fun on the island ryan!

Don't bother with superman, god...I get dizzy even thinking up all the reasons it sucked balls. Maybe it was using the same shots (things shaking on a table - 17 times),(airplane/helicopter going into a dive below camera horizon then back up - 3 times), (a blankfaced close up of an eye - 13 times).

Maybe it was the fact that the climax of the movie amounted to a couple of goons playing cards, hanging out.

Or it could be that Kevin Spacey played lex luther the same way a drag queens plays a woman. Lots of costumes and flair, but without the parts that count or convince.


Lawyerlike said...

OK, I'm not sure what movie you saw, but what I saw was great. And any movie with Parker Posey gets bonus points.

Anonymous said...

Superman. If you haven't seen the movie, stop reading.




The only part that bugged the bugs out of me was how after Lex had created his island of paradise, he turns around and plays cards with his goons. C'mon! Cards?!