Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Please report any baroque links

Finishing a year of law school is like beginning a new year - you make resolutions. I'm going to start studying earlier, I'm going to make my own CAN, I'm going to see what this whole "library" business is about, etc. My summer resolution was a dose of exercise, the kind apart from the walk between the bus stop and the concrete gates of the law building.

I joined one of those running groups at the start of the summer. If you've ever walked along a beach in Vancouver and seen herds of sweaty, spandexed runners, that's it. As part of the training for these clinics, you race hills. I recently took a few weeks off as a result of a minor setback - some common blinding pain. So I'm not exactly sure what made me think that climbing a mountain was the sort of thing to get me back in the routine.

Vancouverites know this as the Grouse Grind, a "summery jaunt" people have been known to do in under 50 minutes. To me and my poor hamstrings, it's still a mountain, and one that was never exactly begging to be climbed. ____ minutes later (actual time deleted for sake of pride) I was at the top, arriving after those who passed me along the way: elderly, all manner of children and even a man carrying a baby. He declined my request to hitch a ride.

By the way, regular readers will notice this site has gone through a bit of a visual upgrade, courtesy of my brother. And to readers well-versed in late, 17th century French Baroque architecture, yes, that is the edifice of the Palace of Versailles in the title image. I do try and reward a keen eye.

Merci a mon amie AM pour le photo.

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