Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Indiana Jones v. the Temple of Negligent Design

I solved my book problem. While wading through Amazon, I came across The Poe Shadow, a meta-historical fiction tale about Edgar Allan (obviously) and... his lawyer (bonus points). I remembered how much I enjoyed The Historian from last summer, a solid B-book and thought, Poe is just as creepy as Vlad the Impaler. Plus, an adventure story involving a lawyer? I'm for anything that might do for law what Indiana Jones did for archaeology.

Though so far, there's nary sign of a whip or fedora. Seem's like the lawyer at the heart of this story prefers ethics as his weapon of choice. To wit:

"Do you not ever feel you are becoming hackneyed by the lawyer's routine? Forget the fees. Wouldn't you wish to protect something you knew to be great that everyone else sought to desecrate? Wouldn't you wish to be part of changing something, even if it meant changing yourself?"

Admirable indeed, but could John Williams write a score around it?

I also found out that Michael Chabon, author of one of my favourite/most-recommended books, (and soon-to-be movie starring Natalie Portman) has a new one out soon. When the Yiddish Policeman's Union finally comes out in January, it'll be a welcome break from either European Union law or Municipal law reading (but more on third year class choices in a future post).

By the way, I hope everyone's watching Hell's Kitchen, now in it's third week. I just noticed the text promos that CityTV is running for it during other shows, succintly describing it as: "Gordon Ramsay makes chefs cry."

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Your blog style is the new FUCKING black. Congratulations. You've graduated into the realm of substance with style.