Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Absolutely not about Jack Bauer

Next Monday this blog will play host to an edition of the Blawg Review, a weekly - and fairly presitigious - collection of articles and posts by writers/bloggers discussing recent news and developments in the legal world. So, if you stumbled upon my law blog looking for this kind of legal perspective, well then you'll be pleasantly surprised, as I promise there'll be some interesting stuff.

But if you are a regular here and expect a post about Jack Bauer - say, a nailbiting scene from 24 set to the Golden Girls theme - well then I shan't disappoint you.

Check back on Monday.


david giacalone said...

Hi, Justin, In case you have missed the "24" Special Wingnut Edition, of Tom Tomorrow's This Modern World comic strip, you ought to give it a click.

Anonymous said...

Giant Mechanical Elephant

You're such a LOTR nut, I knew you'd have to see this. Maybe you can hire those guys for the next years law revue.