Monday, March 20, 2006

2 minutes for abuse of pastry

Three positives from being at last night's hockey game, where Vancouver got horsewhipped by Detroit 7 to 3 (This is what happens when you are not the Calgary Flames):

1. Not having been to a game in years, I continued my boyhood tradition of buying a puck after the game. I was also not dismayed like the last instance of this tradition, where the saleswoman absolutely refused to sell me a visiting San Jose puck because they won that night, leaving me with duplicate Flames pucks.

2. The crowd was treated to a new penalty. After Vancouver went to the box about 10 times in the first period with no Detroit calls, Matt Cooke got called in the third period for "abuse of the official" - and he got an uproarious standing ovation.

3. I ran into the Pillsbuy Dough Boy mascot. I poked him in the stomach. One of us giggled.

Here is a picture from the practice which was obviously pointless.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is the doughboy nice in person? I mean, being a celebrity and all, he may be a little stuck up and not into talking to his fans

- Cathy