Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Oscar for cinematography goes to...

I'll try posting a few videos from last night's Coldplay concert for those that like to live vicariously through my blog. Incidentally, I hope you've enjoyed the ride through law school so far.

The show was great, featuring plenty of what I look for in a good concert, self-deprecating banter. Chris Martin & Co. are undoubtedly the politest rockers around, constantly checking in with the crowd to see if we were OK, doing everything short of offering us an extra pillow. I also found it funny when Chris Martin momentarily forgot the lyrics to one of his songs, only to pick it back up with the words "tired and underprepared."

Fiona was good too, but a cavernous hockey arena is certainly not the best place to take in a voice like hers. If she played the Orpheum, I'd pay to see her again. Talking about Fiona also gives me a chance to point out that everyone is plain wrong who insists the unreleased and horribly overproduced version of her album is better. To me, the difference is akin to slapping on 3D glasses to enjoy a Woody Allen film - it just doesn't need them.

On that note, go see Match Point. Immediately.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You enjoy woody allen films?

I thought he made those just to cast himself opposite women 30 years younger than him, and write in romantic situations. Sort of like an escort service on a grand scale.


p.s Good on you for the concert videos. Looked like a great show.