Saturday, January 14, 2006

Cookie cont'd, Piggy pathos and belying Bauer

I applause and thank you readers, all 11 of you (C, posting twice) who rose to the challenge of a stirring legal debate, and got us nowhere. (To catch up on the problem, read the previous post.) Some of you went, rather nerdily, into the contractual nature of offer and acceptance, (perhaps a penance for a poor exam?) others went to the wisdom of Solomon, and yet more displayed an unending - and unnerving - desire for blood.

And so I announce, with the equivalent of a mask-removing flourish, that I am he, P2! Yes, I at first offered to solve the problem of the stubborn biscuit (and yes, it was impossible to see that only one cookie remained in the machine), only to further complicate things and throw open the doors to legal discourse.

For the record, I did offer the cookie in whole to P1, and greeted with a denial, I further offered to halve the snack. This too was rejected, either out of a gentlemanly courtesy, or P1 having espied a gleaming Twix bar that may have made up for the candy debacle. However, I do appreciate you all for immediately assuming that no such offer was made. You must remember, at this point in my law school career, I'm only one half evil. (And in light of some readers' previous, morbid "Piggy Confessions," I might be even less so.)

My own thoughts on the matter are these: I can't help but feel the cookie always belonged to P1. If I accept the fact that the machine reserves the right to renege on its offer of delivering the cookie, then surely I can understand if it does it twice, the second time to me. Plus, although the cookie was delicious, I should have gone for the Crispy Crunch anways - who the hell buys a cookie from a machine?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there's been other stuff going on. Admittedly, I made a rather large deal out of FogWatch '05, when surely there are better stories to tell about condensation, but I have been recently overlooking an even greater weather phenomenon. That is, it has been raining in Vancouver for 27 straight days now, which is really not a phenomenon at all. But we're only days away from breaking a record, and that's always fun to do. Incidentally, here's a picture of the soccer field near my apartment.

Back on law school matters, I erred somewhat in my "Jack Bauer Mood Assessment" when I used the emotional range (from Dammit! to God Dammit!) of everyone's favourite CTU agent to describe my exam performance in December. It turns out that my Secured Transactions performance was more like the cumulative positive feeling of JB averting an assassination, stopping a nuclear threat, virus and cougar. However, my Corporations and Criminal marks were more somewhere in the realm of ... I don't know, Jack discovering his dead wife. Ouch.

But hopefully things will improve, and the skies will clear. I'm beginning to forget what that's like: the sun's not yellow, it's chicken....

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Anonymous said...

NEVER tell Jack you have the area secured, or he'll run a fucking van over your ass.


p.s Looking forward to seeing you in the mists of BC sometime soon.