Thursday, November 03, 2005

You can't have too many sets of fangs

I found out today that I am at least not the only one in history to combine an English literature and Economics degree. Turns out my evidence prof took the same subjects. I've always believed that fundamentally there are no two subjects further apart at a university than those. Let me explain:

Economics operates on the strict assumption that everyone wants to make as much money as they can, every chance they can get it. English Literature, on the other hand, consistently tells us that money is of trivial importance, and that it's love which is paramount.

So I guess that makes law the perfect synthesis of the two: the love of money. Har har.

Anyway, back to writing for the Law Revue. I can't really give away script ideas, but here's what you can expect in props: a lot of tinfoil, a spanish guitar, multiple sets of fangs, helium balloons, and a tear-away shirt.

Or possibly this shirt.


Anonymous said...

If your script for Law Revue is of the same calibre of the love of money comment, you should do everyone a favour and cancel the show

- Cathy

Anonymous said...