Monday, October 03, 2005

A pox on tax!

Some faithful readers reader pointed out the frequency of posting on Lawyerlike has been waning of late, but some faithful reader also didn't have a tax assignment to write.

It's a difficult assignment, mostly because you have to resist the twin urges of writing a complelely patronizing letter to someone who doesn't know that law and reining in your natural inclination to use a broad lexicon of arcane legal terminology.

I guess the reward for finishing it is that I can fully enjoy the Franz Ferdinand show tomorrow night. Word is, the Scots will be at the Robson St. HMV before the show signing CDs and fending off law students who insist on getting close for a photo. I pulled off this feat with Joel Plaskett, and I'm interested again in part because Alex Kapranos actually looks like Joel. For proof watch this video. Also watch for proof that the bassist is criminally insane.

I'm also looking for interested parties to see the My Morning Jacket show in November. If you want an indication of what they'll be like, check out the music trailer for Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown, where they perform a disastrous version of "Freebird." (Also, make sure you stop the trailer right after that part, as I got the impression Cameron was about to spoil the ending of the film.) Or just listen to their new album, which is garnering support for my theory (scroll down the link) that they're just Radiohead with beards.

The trailer spoiler issue actually reminds me of Steve Martin's quote from the Oscars years back, which also makes me wonder why he hasn't hosted again:

"I saw the trailer for Dude, Where's My Car? and it totally ruined the ending for me. But, in fairness, I had read the book first."

Ah, can't resist. One more pointless music link: listen to Van Morrison's classic 1967 album, Van Morrison's Bang Records Contractual Obligation Session - it's hilariously, horribly real [via faithful reader].

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