Sunday, July 10, 2005

Now, if that panda could juggle...

It's a tad disconcerting to see how American coverage of last Thursday's London attacks has quickly dissipated. It began late Thursday when a strangely trivial headline showed up amongst the London-related ones, and then by the weekend most coverage was dedicated to Hurricane Dennis. Maybe it's me, but when a weather phenomenon actually has a season, it can be dealt with in a less sensationalized way, especially when there are more pressing matters at hand. (But glad my friends are safe.)

Luckily, however, the CNN program Showbiz Tonight bravely pushed ahead with a broadcast, and focused on the overlooked victims of Thursday's attacks, Hollywood. My favorite moment was when the Editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone magazine was interviewed by an insanely naive anchor:

Anchor: Will the attacks affect the message of Live 8 from last week?
RS: Uh, this affects everything.

Naturally the BBC is the best place to get ongoing information, but even the CBC is doing its colonial part, and still delivering info on a regular basis. Of course, even that could change in Canada on Monday if rumours of an impending hockey deal are true.

Game on.... guardedly!

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