Tuesday, July 05, 2005

In Russia, flies swat you!

Adding to the list of reasons why I long to be in Vancouver this summer: Ryan Adams is playing the Commodore in August. Any chance that, since he's releasing 3 albums this year, he'll tour 3 times? Anyone who's in town, I urge you to go see his show... and secretly record it for me.

Calgary, not to be outdone on the concert scene, has arranged quite a musical tableau for itself during our Stampede. Headliners include showstoppers like... Kalan Porter and Shania's Twin. (I wish I made typos on this blog.) Sigh. Maybe Hootie could play. (I kid, people, seriously.)

Speaking of Olympic cities, here's hoping Paris gets the nod for the 2012 games. If my tentative law career trajectory holds, by then I'll have been practicing law in London for a few years and then the games are just a hop, skip and a chunnel away. I'm not rooting for London's bid. As if that city isn't expensive enough, I can't imagine making everything Olympic themed would drive prices down. Plus, I'll take any opportunity to spend time in France and further master the language, although you can do that most anywhere these days.

New York, which clearly won't win when its citizens don't even want it, shouldn't be surprised. You don't go up against other world class cities and expect to run off with it. The Big Apple should have waited until they were competing in a less impressive field. The secret, see, is to wait until Antigonish, Nova Scotia competes and then pounce!

And poor Moscow. For starters, nobody equates summer with Russia. Although, apparently Moscow has the same climate as Calgary, as they are geographically similar and rest on the same latitude. I suppose that means Muscovites are currently cleaning up from record floods, battling millions of mosquitos and wondering where the sun went.

Well, I think at least we know who has the better music scene... Russia.


Thomas said...

Don't forget the White Stripes - TWICE - at the Orpheum.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Hootie and the Blowfish are going to be on bands reunited...

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but point out the irony last Thursday...the reason they didn't pick Moscow was terrorism, but at least they have a touch of corruption which can allow them to throw SOMEONE in jail when alot of civilians die. And there really aren't too many mosquitoes in the city, more in St. Petersburg (since it was a SWAMP). Moscow is quite nice in the summer.