Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Rhymes with Rene Descartes

Been sampling this great new Coldplay album. I think the appropriate expression is, “Cor blimey!” Naturally, my favorite song is the R.E.M.-esque “The Hardest Part.” R.E.M.'s Peter Buck pretty much patented the jangly, arpeggio approach to guitar playing, which means Jonny Buckland is liable for some kind of infringement for his playing on this song.

Hmmm, R.E.M. has a Berry and Buck, Coldplay has a Berryman and Buckland. Coincidence, or recipe for success? Someone look up The Edge’s real name. Bucky O’Berryson? Figures.

The Coldplay tune only loses a few points for its chorus, embarrassingly rhyming the word “part” with… “part.” It must have been a late night with Apple when he wrote that tune. Let’s hope baby Banana doesn’t hinder the next album even more. (Note: never accept a fruit basket from Chris Martin. You’re getting way more than you signed on for.)

Elsewhere on the Britannia beat, this new Oasis album does not suck as previously expected. Maybe the stupid album title was simply necessary: Don’t Believe the Truth, with the “Truth” being the fact that Oasis have consistently sold fewer albums since Morning Glory, and that they just try way too hard. I'm a big fan of this “Mucky Fingers” tune, and it's probably no coincidence that Noel (the brains/songwriter/gentler persona of the operation) does the vocals.

Oh, and what’s this disturbing news, Mr. Hansen and Mr. White? Tours for Beck and the Stripes in Vancouver (while I’m not there) but none in Calgary? I’m sorry Beck, was that not a cowboy hat you wore to hide your Devil’s Haircut? And Jack, what would Loretta say? You can’t just promote the cowboy aesthetic without actually visiting its birthplace. That would be downright phony. If there’s one thing we in the music-loving community won’t stand, it’s a phony. None. No way.

Certainly none on this summer’s guilty televised pleasure, Canadian Idol. Ben Dullroney is still slathered in his Man Tan, and his co-host is eerily looking more and more like Jim Carrey. Gotta love that Farley Flex, though. The man dresses in sofa upholstery, and delivers the best line of the show:

“You’ve got it all, except the ability to sing well. You’re going to Toronto!”


AB said...

a) Mucky Fingers is one of the worst tracks on the album, likely because Gem wrote it
b) Give Liam some credit. If not for him, they wouldn't even be close to 'the biggest band in da world, man...'
c) I still read this thing, I lied...

Thomas said...

Oasis are shite and so is this new Coldplay. Stop being such a sheep. (White Stripes, Beck, and two nights of Dylan.)

Lawyerlike said...

Re: Mucky Fingers - Bah.
Re: Sheep - Baaaa.