Sunday, April 17, 2005

Freddy v. Jason will no doubt be appealed

Like the weekend's calm weather and the forecast rain, the last three days of studying has been the eye of a storm. Now, if only the Scorpions were here I would ask them a question: when this hurricane does arrive, who will be the one rocking the other - me, or the exam?

As those rock legends are not handy, (and thus, I can only assume, living the high life with their millions) I will have to do my best and give this test a pummeling. I've run through a "battery" of practice tests this weekend, (pardon the Torts pun, but feel free to excoriate me) so I'm looking forward at least to an interesting fact pattern.

Lucky students in 2002 got to assess the tortious liability when a young Jason Voorhees visited B.C.'s pristine Crystal Lake late at night and drowned. Worse, his parents got to the hospital just in time to see a stretcher wheeled by when "the sheet covering it caught on something and slipped off to reveal Jason's pale, lifeless body."

Good luck tomorrow Bane.


Anonymous said...


If a Canadian Astronaut is orbiting the earth, in an American spaceship, and murdered by a Russian cosmonaut over Australia, the murderer will be tried wherever the spaceship is registered and licensed - in this case - USA.

What happens in the international spacestation if a similar situation arises?


Lawyerlike said...

Then HAL 9000 cleans up the mess and if anyone asks questions, he just plays dumb.

Anonymous said...

A+ Dave.