Monday, March 28, 2005

Ron & Hermione are totally hooking up

Another long weekend come and gone. Unless I have established travel plans, long weekends never seem to be much fun for me. When I worked at a golf club years ago - dutifully washing the woods and irons of Calgary's elite and elderly - the holiday meant CJAY 92 played their "Lost Classic Long Weekend," to which I would retort, after every song, "that should have stayed lost." Seriously crappy music, but we had a rule never to change the radio station. (I do remember one great song, Zeppelin's "Over the Hills and Far Away," the first 1 minute and 28 seconds of which I specifically credit as the primary reason for taking up guitar.)

This past long weekend has been no exception. If case law was music, then most of the Common Law is that same lame rock from the late 70s and early 80s. Except for Criminal Law - I'd pay to see that stuff in concert. "Rock on, R. v. Sorrel and Bondett!"

That's right, as exams draw nearer, much of this weekend was spent poring over old notes, and realizing just how much we have to know. Even when class notes are condensed, font size is reduced to a cataract-inducing 8 point, and every unnecessary piece of punctuation is removed, the package averages about 50 pages. Sure the exams are open book, but how does that help when the book rivals the length of War & Peace, and the content resembles Finnegan's Wake?

A brief and welcome respite was granted on Sunday, however, when I joined a family for Easter dinner. Not only was the food great, but being surrounded by over fifty of my friend's relatives - many of Scottish upbringing - in a house whose architecture resembles something out of Harry Potter, was just surreal. Really, I felt like I was eating at Ron Weasley's house. As an unabashed H.Po fanboy, this was awesome. Shutup.

Anyway, at least the weekend's end ends in top fashion. The Jack Bauer Power Hour looks to be a doozy tonight. I know Marwan still has tricks up his sleeve, but I'm still not convinced the whole day - train crash, political abduction, nuclear disaster - wasn't all engineered by Tony Almeida in a cupid-like bid to reunite him with his ex-wife. Hey, there's still 10 hours left, I could be right.

Post 24 Update: Ok, so my Tony/Cupid angle hasn't panned out... yet. But I did spot a commercial for UPS featuring J. Walter Weatherman, Arrested Development's resident one-armed problem solver. Question: why does UPS now call themselves Brown? UPS is already an abbreviation!


Anonymous said...

Harry Potter's long weekends were just about always a bust as well Ryan. No Zonko's, Three Broomsticks or Honeyduke's.

Wizardry and law are pretty much the same thing right?


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'll be getting a 24 update as soon as I call Jenn in the exciting! But I just wanted to let you in on a know what I LOVE about Russia (aside from the poorly dubbed Brazilian telenovellas)? That I can get bootleg CDs for $4! Instead of having, say, HMV, they have 505, which is a legitimate store overflowing with awesome illegitimate copies of everything! One word: Awesome.