Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Maybe I'll just play a free-form jazz odyssey

Today while on an excellent excursion to downtown Vancouver, I made the first trip Tim Horton's in over seven months. Tim's is something of a white whale here in the ocean city, where first mate Starbuck rules the seas. (Ok, enough Moby-Dicking around.) Thus far, I've only seen one of the coffee shops, buried in an underground mall downtown. Yet, there are no shortage of Tim's commercials on TV here, suggesting that the populace is regularly confused during primetime and that Tim's marketing department is much too eager, advertising without a point of sale. (I picked up that last term from watching the Apprentice. Thanks big D.)

Also while downtown I purchased Beck's Guero. (Stereogum described it as Beckcellent, but I've always preferred the superlative Becktacular.) I had downloaded the leaked tracks back in January, so it's a testament to the Beckzilirating (No? Too much?) nature of the album that it warranted a purchase. The best part, most of the mixes have changed from the versions I had (the Michael Jackson vibe on "Scarecrow" stands out a lot more), and it also featured some wholly new tunes, "Broken Drum" being the best. Just go buy it. I shill for thee!

Plus it features some great artwork by a Canuck, Marcel Dzama. (Link goes to his gallery, for you art buffs out there).

Lastly, a big congrats to my buddy from Queen's, recently gettin' hitched! Guess I'll have to brush up on my vocal skills when I sing that heartwrenching solo at the wedding. Oops, did I spoil the surprise?

Oh, and this is long overdue. It's a lengthy read, but if you like your humour highbrow, you'll enjoy. It also coins a term we had all long suspected, "hobbosexual."


Anonymous said...

speaking of weddings...
whenever you decide to take the plunge, can I sit next to Wade at the reception? That is if I'm not too judgmental.

Anonymous said...

Depends how much you have to drink!