Thursday, February 03, 2005

Yes, that's what a person from Halifax is called

I'll try to keep musical musings to a minimum (and also alliteration.... damn!) but I had to post this great lyric that I heard. It's from "When I Have My Vision," from the Joel Plaskett Emergency's first album:

I heard once / that it don't make sense / to build a wall where you should have put a fence /
I heard twice / you shouldn't put me / where you put a fridge, and a couch, and a tv

You gotta respect a singer who embraces his laziness like that. And word has it, Joel will be hitting BC on a tour to support his upcoming album. I recommend going. Anyone who has gotten in such an argument with me will know my contention that Joel is the best live act. ever.

It's actually a big deal that he's hitting the West Coast, having toured very little west of Ontario. I suspect that being a Haligonian, (like my folks) you get trained to never leave your surroundings for fear of an oncoming blizzard, and subsequently never venture far from home.

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