Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Permission to treat Wheeler as a hostile witness?

Aloha. The last few days have been less than stellar, (merely stell-ish) so I've kept busy a-readin' and a-writin'. I've polished off a couple sketches for this law revue production. I'm hoping all goes well next week, and that my attempts at humour come off as more Seinfeld than Banya.

This upcoming Saturday I'll be part of that salivating throng that tries to get U2 tickets. Truthfully, I'm as excited at the prospect of seeing show-opener Kings of Leon as I am Bono & Co. Hopefully a few of us can snag some tickets, which would cap off a pretty good year for concert-going. Wilco at the Orpheum, Death Cab at the Commodore, and that street performer on North Granville St. who only knew the middle section of "Stairway to Heaven" and repeated it ad nauseum. Rock on, intermittently!

Then, at the end of the month, us law folk get to do our first real moot. Actual judges (robes and all!) will be present to grade our objection-yelling skills and ability to get the proper inflection on "I want the TRUTH!" (which we can't handle until 3rd year). My co-counsel and I (Team Awesome) will be representing a pair of retirees whose waterfront paradise has been invaded by the evil Shellfish Corp. and their toxic spill. (This is UBC, where these facts represent the ultimate worst case scenario). I don't want to give away too much of our strategy, but don't act surprised if Captain Planet shows up on the witness list.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your revue writing and arguing skills!


Anonymous said...

Hey, if you were training to be a lawyer over here in Britain, you'd have to wear a wig when appearing in court, as well as a gown and one of those funny, eighteenth-century style collars. So count yourself lucky!

Anonymous said...

That last post was by me, of course.


Thomas said...

Team Awesome? Ouch. Why not team Moderately Competent?

Of course, you will be crushed by team Disturbing at Times.