Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Few Good Exams

Three exams done, one to go. I know what you're wondering: if my courses were a movie (specifically, the best lawyer movie of all time) then how would my experiences with each final exam correspond to scenes from said movie? I'll tell you.

Entertainment Law:

This one's tough to gauge. It's a paper course, and I've handed in my essay, which I feel strongly about - but there's no real advance measure of how well I've done. So a scene about driving through Guantanamo Bay as the particular focus of trained enemy snipers seemed appropriately descriptive.

Civil Procedure:

In a word, confidence. If you recall, in this scene, Cruise bluffs his opposing counsel into submission by boasting an extensive knowledge of pre-trial procedures and evidentiary motions that can delay a trial seemingly indefinitely: damn if that isn't exactly what I did on this test.

International Trade Law:

I want the truth, if the truth is an A on an exam I'm pretty sure I killed. Self-assuredness is no guarantee, however. Being wrong for Tom Cruise meant treason and death - for law students, being wrong has no effect on the credits you earn. Literally, you cannot flunk out of law school. Seriously.

Administrative Law:

Since I haven't written this one yet, and it scares the hell out of me, this is my best guess.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me you're not going to get Tom Cruise to play you... I was thinking Will Farrell would be more appropriate. He's got the fro down already.

Mike said...

"You're a lousy fucking softball player Jack!"

Lawyerlike said...

"Cutie-pie shit will not win you a place in my heart, Corporal, I get paid no matter how much time you spend in jail."

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