Tuesday, March 27, 2007


International Trade Law is one of my favourite courses this term, I suppose because I appreciate the economics angle of it, and I've always thought importer/exporter to be the best-sounding non-descript job title. It's also a great class for exchanges like these:

Professor: So, imagine that the International Trade Commission has just upheld an anti-dumping duty levied on your client's exports from Canada. He comes to your office to find out what he can do. Now what do you tell your client?

Class: (silence)

Professor: C'mon, you're getting paid $400 an hour. You can't just sit there.

Class: (just sits there)

Professor: It's now down to $300 an hour.

There was a lot more silence before our prof gave us the simple answer (appeal!), so I can only assume the class was waiting out the hour to make $600.


Anonymous said...

I thought 'appeal' or 'objection' were the first two words a lawyer learned? Surely some sort of base instinct must take over in situations like these?


Carissa said...

Ugh...international trade is KILLING me right now.

Lawyerlike said...

Fair enough, but what other class deals with "unscrupulous lobster dealers"?