Sunday, March 11, 2007

Graduation Adulation

Graduation is now one less booze-fuelled event away. On Friday night, nearly 200 third years attended the grad dinner and dance, a figure that suggests the attrition rate was not as high as murmured by some back in first year law.

I'm certain our law school's resident papparazza will have all the best pictures, so once they're up I'll link to them. What the pictures won't convey are some of the other non-alcohol related highlights: hilarious and ill-timed slideshow photos during some of the more serious speeches, a particularly incendiary valedictory address, and almost no one using the dance floor - maybe the dangers of tortious action are perceived to be just too high now?

The event was at the Four Seasons hotel downtown and was really nicely set up - although I did get a huge Shining vibe from the excess of chandeliers, wood-panelled walls and emerald mirrors. (The latter would also explain the strong Return to Oz vibe.) The grad committee did a great job, overpriced drinks and scratching-challenged DJ notwithstanding.

Update: head over to Kasia's cache to see all the best grad photos.

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Hbrains said...

Particularly incendiary, eh? you rapscallion scallywag.... poetry, more like I say, poetry!