Friday, February 09, 2007

Where's Doctorlike?

Phew, almost broke the update-at-least-once-a-week streak I've had going on this site since its beginning. (Devoted readers know how important streaks are to me). I have been updating this site recently, only behind the scenes. I've upgraded Blogger's template, giving me a few more organizational options, only in doing so it wiped clean all style elements I had built up.

I've fixed them, as well as added labels to just about every post ever written on this site (this being post #300). That way, when I cease updating this site in 76 days (by D's count), then you can still easily peruse through the site and marvel at how a law student devotes an inordinate amount of posts to Jack Bauer and Harry Potter. (If people still notice display errors with this site in IE, please let me know below.)

I can't say I notice many trends in what I post about. I suppose I write less about music than I did, perhaps having exhausted all goodwill in constantly plugging Ryan Adams' albums. (Is it too late to say how great this Bright Eyes disc is?) I guess it's enough that I'm still updating - it means I'm still very much interested in the law. When I see people negligent with their law blogs, I wonder if med students also blog, and then if they trail off as well, becoming jaded with cadavers, or if they secure resident jobs before their final year and then half-ass brain their surgery classes.

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