Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Reading

The law school's most august publication, The Legal Eye, came out last week, and in it was a nice little article about last month's Guile comedy debate.

I like how the author of the piece preserved some of my more ostentatious quotes:

"As the second speaker in favour of the proposition, 'award-winning blogger and magazine cover boy' Austin began by having the audience visualize Lady Justice - 'that blind woman who hangs outside of courthouses with a scale and sword.' ... He then contrasted the superior precision of fairness (balancing) with the haphazard results of justice ('Lady Justice can't exactly measure out of a pound of flesh, she can't even eyeball it!') ..."

To read the full article from the February issue, go here.

So after reading the papers, time to tend to all the law reading for the upcoming week and prepare for tomorrow's Entertainment Law presentation. Ah, Sundays, so much to do. Of course, you know what song British legend Alan Partridge said really encapsulates the frustration of a Sunday, don't you?

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